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Step into the tranquil world within this original landscape by Madeline Island abstract painter Steve McHugh. This stunning 22" x 30" mixed media oil and cold wax painting on wood panel is a true piece of art. The warm tones of yellow tall grasses in the lower area contrast beautifully with the clear ponds of blue, all set against a background of trees. Displayed in a wood gallery floating frame, this serene piece will bring a sense of calm to any space and is sure to captivate any art lover. Add a touch of nature to your collection with this exquisite work of art.


The "World Within"  is a landscape painting featuring a serene scene. The foreground is dominated by rich golden hues,  representing a field of tall grasses or a meadow. Vertical lines, suggesting tree trunks, are scattered throughout the landscape, transitioning from the yellow foreground to a more subdued green middle ground. The green gives way to a blue area,  bodies of water, adding a calming element to the scene. The background is primarily a soft, blended blue sky with hints of green, indicating a forested area. The painting uses a mix of bright and earthy tones, creating a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere.


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"World Within"

SKU: SM24047

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