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Original collage consisting of photography, oil on arches paper and charcoal on paper glued on wood panel. Measures 12" x 48" x 1.5" framed to 12.75 x 48.75 x 2.5. Inspired by my home, Madeline Island, photo was taken on the Island, the red reverse (like a photo negative) is a photo from a puddle and the the charcoal drawing is inspired by my daily walk.


The artwork is a triptych, divided into three distinct panels.


The left panel features a realistic photographic representation of tree foliage rendered in various shades of green with highlights and shadows that create a sense of depth and volume. Light seems to filter through the leaves, giving the impression of a sunlit tree.


The center panel contrasts with the left one by presenting a pattern of red and black lines that resemble a network of branches or veins. The red is vibrant and dominates the panel, while the black lines add texture and accentuate the intricate, interwoven pattern.


The right panel shifts in style to a more abstract representation of a tree, with shadowy, charcoal-black forms against a white background. The strokes are broad and loose, suggesting the silhouette and branches of a tree without providing detailed realism.


Together, the panels might suggest a narrative of different perspectives or interpretations of trees and nature, from realistic to abstract. The artwork is bounded by a natural wooden frame that complements its organic subject matter.

"Wonder Full"

SKU: SM22114

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