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Celebrate the magic of the Winter Solstice with this captivating original mixed media painting. The image, featuring a stunning representation of the December on Madeline Island, is set on a unique wood panel and framed in a sleek Gallery frame measuring 12.75 by 12.75 inches. The beautiful blend of blue background and red and gold trees creates a serene yet captivating scene, with a glowing skyline that adds a touch of mystical wonder. This one-of-a-kind artwork is the perfect addition to any art collection, bringing the spirit of the Winter Solstice to life in a truly captivating way. Display it proudly in your home or office and let the magic of the season inspire you. Shipping costs and sales tax is determined after purchase by direct contact.


The artwork is an abstract painting dominated by vertical streaks of vibrant colors against a primarily blue background. The upper portion of the painting is a subtle cream hue, with orange and yellow streaks that seem to drip down into the dominant blue section. These top streaks suggest a sense of movement, as if they are bleeding into the blue, which might be interpreted as sky, water, or a metaphorical space. The lower section is a rich tapestry of blues, giving the impression of depth and texture. Within this area, additional streaks of red, yellow, and green punctuate the composition and appear as if they've been layered on, creating a sense of rhythm and dynamism. The colors are intermixed with lighter patches and spots, possibly through a technique that involves scraping or removing paint layers, which adds complexity to the surface.


It is essential to recognize the emotive power of color and the impact of gestural strokes in evoking feeling and movement in an abstract piece such as this. The choice of cool and warm tones creates a dynamic interplay that keeps the viewer's eyes engaged and interested in exploring the visual terrain. The dripping effect from the top section adds to a fluidity that suggests impermanence and change, resonating with themes of time and transition. 


The layering technique employed here also warrants commendation, adding an evocative texture that invites touch and closer inspection. This tactility serves as a bridge between the visual and the physical, urging the viewer to not only see but to feel the artwork. The scraping or subtractive method, which reveals under-layers, demonstrates an admirable understanding of the material that can summon an archaeology of moments captured in the layers of paint.

"Winter Solstice"

SKU: SM24001

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