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Step into the serene world of winter with the captivating "Winter Blues" painting by Steve McHugh. Measuring 10" x 30", this abstract landscape piece brings to life the icy chill and tranquility of the season with its cool blue tones. Created using oil and cold wax on wood panel, the piece is textured and layered, adding depth and dimension to the artwork. The simple wood gallery floating frame completes the piece, making it ready to hang and display in any space. Add a touch of winter beauty to your art collection with this stunning painting.


This  landscape painting that predominantly features various shades of blue, creating an ethereal, wintry scene. The use of light and dark tones of blue gives a sense of depth and texture to the background, which suggests a foggy, mist-filled atmosphere. The landscape is dotted with vertical, tree-like structures rendered in lighter hues of yellow and white, adding contrast and drawing the viewer's eye throughout the piece. The overall composition evokes a tranquil, serene environment, with the cool colors and abstract forms contributing to a sense of calm and isolation.


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"Winter Blues"

SKU: SM24048

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