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"Whispers in the Morning" is a mesmerizing abstract dreamy landscape created by the talented artist Steve McHugh. The painting, measuring 21.75" x 29.75", is a unique mixed media on wood panel that effortlessly blends elements of nature and imagination. The upper half of the piece features a lush green textured tree background with striking vertical tree forms in shades of orange and red, creating a sense of warmth and depth. In contrast, the lower half of the painting portrays a tranquil and misty blue/gray area, with hints of grass and tree forms emerging from the fog. Piece is framed with a gallery floating frame of natural wood. This captivating artwork is a testament to McHugh's ability to evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and serenity in his creations. A truly stunning addition to any art collection.


The artwork is an abstract painting dominated by a palette of green, red, and orange hues. Thin, elongated forms of stylized representations of trees  stretch vertically across the canvas. The range of warm and cool tones creates a contrast that suggests depth and texture, giving the impression of dynamism and movement within a forested landscape. The background is mostly rendered in varying shades of green, giving a sense of foliage or canopy above, while the mark making is loose and expressive, adding to the abstract nature of the depiction.

"Whispers in the Morning"

SKU: SM24021

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