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Experience the tranquil beauty of the "Where The Sky Meets The Sea," a stunning seascape (Lake Superior)  painting created by Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh. Measuring 12" x 72" wide, this mixed media piece combines oil, crayon, and cold wax on a wood panel to capture the serenity of the ocean. With serene tones of blues and underpainting of bold colors, this unique artwork creates a sense of calm and tranquility. The delicate mark making at the horizon line adds a touch of sophistication to the calm sky, making it a perfect addition to any art collection or home decor. Let "Where The Sky Meets The Sea" bring a sense of peace and beauty into your space.


This painting is a serene and expansive seascape, dominated by richly textured blues and subtle hints of other colors. The horizon line is set high, creating a broad view of the calm ocean that spans the majority of the composition. The sky meets the sea with soft, warm hues suggesting a time of transition such as dawn or dusk. The surface of the water is depicted with intricate strokes that create a sense of movement and light reflection, evoking a tranquil and peaceful scene.


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"Where The Sky Meets The Sea"

SKU: SM24044

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