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Bring the beauty and tranquility of the forest into your home with "Tranquil Forest" by abstract painter Steve McHugh. This original painting bursts with intense colors and intricate detail markings, creating a bold and captivating piece of art. The intense reds are offset by textures of greens, yellows, and blues, evoking the feeling of being surrounded by a lush and vibrant forest. The small pond in the foreground, complete with basalt rocks along the shore, was inspired by the stunning natural beauty of Madeline Island in Lake Superior, as part of the Apostle Islands Lakeshore. Add a touch of nature and serenity to your space with this stunning piece from the artist's studio.


Painting is mixed media on masonite 12" x 12" panel and is framed with metal frame. Layers are oil and cold wax, wax crayons, and  graphite with palette knives and even beach hand.


This artwork is a vibrant abstract painting, bordered by a simple dark frame. The composition is distinguished by a dynamic interplay of colors and textures that suggest a natural landscape setting. The canvas is dominated by fiery shades of orange and red that create an almost molten, flowing effect at the bottom portion which represents a frog pond and a forest floor awash with autumn leaves.


Above this area, vertical elements in blue and darker tones stretch upward, representing trees within this chromatic environment. Interspersed among these vertical forms are specks and patches of bright yellow and green, mimicking the chaotic beauty of foliage caught in the light. The interweaving of these colors is achieved through a mix of blending and layering techniques, giving the work a sense of depth and movement.


The abstract nature of the painting allows for multiple interpretations, but it strongly evokes the essence of a forest during the fall season, full of intense warmth and vivacity. The overall effect is both striking and captivating, inviting the viewer to explore the details within the tumult of colors.

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"Tranquil Forest"

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