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"Talking to Myself" is an original mixed media painting on a 20"x 16" inch wood panel that showcases a unique combination of oil and cold wax, oil bars, graphite, and charcoal. The textured surface and broad lemon yellow strip add depth and interest to the piece, making it a true standout. The artwork boasts an array of unique marks and color patches that are sure to capture your attention. This one-of-a-kind painting is perfect for any art collector looking for a conversation starter in their home or office. Framed in gallery floating frame with clear varnish.


The artwork is an abstract composition incorporating a vibrant palette and a variety of textures. Dominated by a large, bright yellow block in the center, which covers a significant portion of the canvas, the painting also features bold strokes of black, red, blue, and yellow, with subtle touches of white and grey.


The texture is layered and dynamic, indicating the use of different application techniques; drips, smears, and splatters suggest an energetic and spontaneous creation process. Parts of the canvas reveal underlying layers, adding depth and complexity to the work. The piece conveys a sense of controlled chaos, with each color and form contributing to a balanced yet intense visual experience.


Encased in a simple, natural wood frame, the abstract work is a statement piece that invites the viewer to interpret its forms and engage with its expressive qualities.

"Talking to Myself"

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