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Still Moving" is a stunning mixed media art piece that showcases a unique blend of paint and cold wax on raw canvas. Measuring 48" x 36", this original painting by Steven McHugh is a masterpiece of markmaking, with oil crayon, graphite, and charcoal accents adding depth and texture. With its dynamic composition and rich layers of color, this artwork is sure to captivate and inspire. A true conversation piece, "Still Moving" is a must-have for any art lover looking to add a touch of sophistication to their living space.


The artwork is a vibrant abstract painting characterized by a dynamic interplay of colors and textures. It is a rich tapestry of marks, lines, and shapes layered on top of each other, creating depth and complexity. Vivid yellows, oranges, blues, greys, and reds mingle with subtler hues and patches of white, suggesting energetic movement and visual rhythm.


The composition seems to defy a single point of focus, encouraging the viewer's gaze to wander across the surface. Scratched lines and broad brushstrokes coexist with splatters, drips, and areas where the pigment has been applied thickly or scraped away. The boundaries between different areas of color are often blurred, giving the painting an organic, evolving quality.


The overall effect is that of a wall of visual noise or a collision of different artistic impulses, held together by an underlying structure that is felt rather than explicitly defined. This artwork invites contemplation and interpretation, with each viewer potentially finding different forms or meanings within its abstract expressions.

"Still Moving"

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