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"Still Breathing" is a captivating piece of abstract expressionist art that demands attention with its bold colors and textures. The underpainting showcases a variety of hues and textures, creating an intriguing base for the black blocks and dynamic mark making throughout the canvas. This large, 60" x 48" mixed media piece is a striking addition to any art collection, with white overtones that are enhanced by the addition of crayon, graphite, and charcoal marks. Each viewing of "Still Breathing" offers a new discovery, making it an ideal focal point for any space.


This abstract expressionist painting dominated by a white background with an array of lines and sporadic shapes. The piece features several black patches and scribbles in different directions, creating a dynamic and somewhat chaotic composition. There are subtle hints of other colors, such as yellow, green, and red, interspersed throughout the painting, contributing to a sense of depth and complexity. The overall effect is energetic and evokes a sense of spontaneity and movement.


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"Still Breathing"

SKU: SM24030

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