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"Say Something" is a stunning original mixed media painting on a 16"x 20" inch wood panel. Created using a unique combination of oil and cold wax, oil bars, graphite, and charcoal, this artwork boasts an array of unique marks and color patches that are sure to capture your attention. The artist has masterfully created a textured surface that invites viewers to explore its intricate details. This painting is a true masterpiece that will add character and depth to any space. Don't miss your chance to own this one-of-a-kind piece of art.


The artwork is a vibrant and textured abstract painting featuring a dynamic composition of shapes and marks. It includes a mix of bold colors such as red, blue, orange, and yellow, along with more muted tones of black, gray, and white. The piece exhibits an interplay of color blocks, energetic brushstrokes, and what looks to be areas of scraping or texturing that add depth to the piece. Some of the paint appears to have been applied in a gestural manner, giving the impression of movement within the static image. The painting is framed in a simple, light wooden frame that complements the artwork without detracting from its intensity.

"Say Something"

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