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Introducing "Patch Works" by Steven McHugh - an original abstract painting that captures the beauty of a patchwork quilt. Created with mixed media, including crayon, charcoal, oil, cold wax, and graphite, this stunning piece is sure to elevate any space. Measuring 60" x 48" and 2.5" deep, the canvas is stretched with added canvas and cardboard glued to the canvas. Unframed, allowing you to showcase the intricate details of the painting. Add a touch of warmth and color to your home with "Patch Works" 


The artwork is an abstract composition with a vibrant and textured arrangement of shapes and colors. Dominated by shades of yellow, the piece contains a variety of geometric and organic forms overlapping and interacting across the canvas. Bold, yellow lines form a grid-like structure that creates a sense of dimensionality and depth.Much of the grid is filled with different patterns, textures, and colors such as orange, blue, red, and white. These patterns range from leaf-like imprints to circular motifs and delicate, lace-like designs. The layering technique adds complexity and richness to the visual experience.One can observe scribbles and line work that contribute to the informal and dynamic character of the piece. The artwork conveys a sense of controlled chaos and invites viewers to explore the interplay of elements within the painterly space..

"Patch Works"

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