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Introducing "Pansy #3," an original oil painting on canvas by the talented artist Steven McHugh. This beautiful abstract artwork features a vibrant orange color palette that captures the essence of a blooming pansy flower. Measuring 48" x 36" and 2.5" deep, this unframed canvas is a statement piece that will add a pop of color to any room. Steven McHugh was inspired to create this masterpiece during a relaxing breakfast with his wife, making it a truly special piece of art. Add "Pansy #3" to your collection today and enjoy its beauty for years to come.


The image shows a vibrant painting of an orange flower occupying the canvas expansively with its full, open petals. The orange hues range from deep red-orange to a bright, almost neon tone, conveying the beauty and depth of the flower's color. The background is minimalistic and plain, allowing the flower itself to be the central focus, and the painting showcases dynamic brushwork and tonal gradations, which emphasize the delicate textures and contours of the petals. Overall, the painting exhibits a mixture of precision and fluidity that brings the subject to life in a striking and bold manner.

"Pansy #3"

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