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"Off The Edge," a stunning abstract landscape painting by Madeline Island artist, Steve McHugh. This captivating piece is created with oil and cold wax on wood panel, measuring 22" x 30". The complex composition features a striking contrast of colors, with a vibrant yellow sky meeting a range of orange, yellow, and red foliage, set against contrasting blue vertical tree trunks. This dynamic and visually engaging artwork is sure to make a statement in any art collection or living space. "Off The Edge" is a true testament to McHugh's mastery of color and form, showcasing the artist's unique perspective on nature and the world around us.


The artwork is a vibrant and abstract painting useing a warm color palette dominated by shades of yellow, orange, and red. These colors form a dense background with a texture that represents foliage,  an abstract landscape. Interspersed within this warm background are prominent vertical elements in bright blue, creating a striking contrast. The blue shapes are irregular and vary in size, adding depth and dynamism to the composition. The overall effect is energetic and evocative, blending warm, earthy tones with cool, striking hues.


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"Off The Edge"

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