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Add a touch of natural beauty to your living space with "North Shore" by Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh. This original oil and cold wax painting on wood panel captures the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the North Shore landscape. The warm tones of the orange/red tree trunks juxtaposed with the cool blue/green and yellow foliage create a stunning contrast that will surely captivate any art lover. Measuring 22" x 30", this abstract landscape painting is beautifully framed in a gallery floating frame with a natural wood finish, adding a touch of modern elegance to the piece. Bring a piece of the North Shore into your home with this breathtaking artwork.


This vibrant painting that depicts a lush forest scene. The foreground features tall, thin tree trunks, rendered in bright orange and red hues that contrast sharply against the cooler tones of the background. The foliage is represented using various shades of green and blue, creating a dense and textured canopy. The use of color and the impressionistic style imbue the scene with a sense of depth and vitality, suggesting sunlight filtering through the dense leaves. The overall composition is rich and immersive, drawing the viewer into the heart of the forest.


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"North Shore"

SKU: SM24031

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