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"Natural Forms" by  artist Steve McHugh, a stunning abstract landscape painting that captures the unique beauty of Madeline Island. This breathtaking piece is crafted with oil and cold wax on a wood panel, meticulously measuring 20" x 16" and framed in a gallery floating frame with a natural wood finish. The warm lower portion of the landscape is adorned with vibrant yellows and oranges, juxtaposed with vertical tree forms in shades of greens and blues, all beneath an enchanting orange sky. "Natural Forms" is a striking addition to any art collection, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this captivating piece into your home today.


The artwork is a vibrant abstract painting dominated by warm shades of yellow and orange, interspersed with vertical blue-green forms. The background features a gradient of soft orange, transitioning into lighter tones towards the top. The blue-green forms are tall, thin trees and abstract shapes, standing vertically and varying in size and width. Some of these forms have branch-like extensions, adding an organic, nature-inspired element to the composition. The overall effect is dynamic and energetic, with a striking contrast between the warm background and the cool, prominent vertical shapes.


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"Natural Forms"

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