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"Moments is based on my childhood experience of laying on my belly in the tall summer grasses.  You see the tops of the tallest grasses and the foreground and background are just a blur."


"Moments In The Grass" is a stunning abstract painting by Madeline Island painter Steve McHugh. This vibrant piece features bold shades of yellow that are dominant throughout the composition, bringing warmth and energy to any space. Created with oil, cold wax, and wax crayons on a 12" x 12" wood panel, the mixed media technique adds depth and texture to the artwork. The painting is elegantly framed in a natural wood gallery floating frame, adding a contemporary touch to the piece. "Moments In The Grass" is a delightful addition to any art collection, perfect for bringing a sense of joy and vitality to any room.


The artwork is a vibrant abstract painting characterized by a blend of colors and textures that evoke a sense of nature. The upper part of the canvas is dominated by warm yellow hues, transitioning into a band of cooler, softer blues, purples, and greens, creating a subtle gradient effect. The lower portion of the painting features a sea of lighter yellows and greens with scattered, fine vertical and diagonal strokes in dark blue, pink, and orange. These strokes create an impression of movement, reminiscent of tall grass swaying in the wind. The overall composition is dynamic yet harmonious, offering a visual experience that is both lively and calming.


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"Moments In The Grass"

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