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"Moments" is a stunning original abstract landscape painting by Steve McHugh, created using a unique mixed media technique of oil and cold wax, and crayon on wood panel. This beautiful piece is  framed in a gallery floating frame, perfectly showcasing its dimensions of 29.75" x 21.75". "Moments" captures an impressionistic version of a field and sky, with vibrant shades of green dominating the lower two-thirds, while a strikingly dynamic sky takes center stage in the upper one-third. This masterpiece brings the beauty of nature to life with its bold colors and emotive brushstrokes, making it the perfect addition to any art lover's collection.


The artwork is a painting featuring an expansive field of textured, vertical brushstrokes in various shades of light green and blue, conveying the vitality of a lush meadow. Hints of yellow, red, and darker blues are interspersed throughout the field, suggesting the presence of wildflowers or variations in foliage. Above the field, the sky is rendered with horizontal strokes of pale blue, white, and a touch of yellow, reflecting the soft light of either dawn or dusk. The cumulative effect is one of a dreamy, impressionistic landscape that invites the viewer to experience the calm and beauty of a serene, natural setting. The painting is framed with a simple, unadorned frame that encloses the artwork.


SKU: SM24018

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