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Original oil painting "MadIsland #6" captures the essence of living on an island with its endless horizons and breathtaking views. The artist has used a distinct combination of oil stick, oil, beach sand, and cold wax to create a stunning texture that adds depth and character to the painting. This one-of-a-kind artwork measures 19.5" x 15.5" and is framed in a gallery floater frame, making it ready to display in your home or office. The rich colors and intricate details of "MadIsland #6" will transport you to a peaceful paradise every time you look at it.


This is an abstract painting that features a textured surface with a dominant yellow hue on the upper portion and a pale green on the lower half. The yellow section is vibrant with hints of orange and subtle speckles of darker tones that suggest depth and complexity within the color field. Below this area, a bright, almost glowing yellow horizontal band separates it from the contrasting green area. The green expanse shows a more diffuse, airy quality with faint hints of rust and underlying colors that give it an earthy feel. The artwork is encased within a simple, light wood frame, which complements the warmth of the composition. Overall, the painting conveys a sense of organic dissolution with its lightly distressed texture and a nuanced interplay between warm and cool color zones.


Available at Fine Line Design Gallery, Sister Bay, WI,  


"MadIsland #6"

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