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"MadIsland #5" is an exquisite original painting that will bring a touch of the ocean into your home or office. Created with oil stick, oil, beach sand, and cold wax, this piece has a unique texture that captures the essence of the beach. Measuring 19.5" x 15.5" and framed in a gallery floater frame, this painting is both elegant and modern. Hang it in any room to add a sense of calm and tranquility to your space. The varnished wood frame provides a sleek finish that complements the painting perfectly.


The painting features a composition with distinct horizontal sections of color and texture. The upper third embodies a soft yellow-green field with subtle interplays of luminosity, due to underlying textures and  brushstrokes that create a sense of depth and movement. The edges of this section seem to blur slightly into the adjacent colors, giving the transition a natural and organic feel.


Below this, a vibrant band of blue demarcates the middle section. This blue is bold and uniform, suggesting a serene expanse of color. The lower two-thirds of the painting is a visually rich tapestry of blue interrupted by patches of rust and tan, suggesting the look of a weathered wall or a corroded metal surface. The blue in this area shows variations in hue and intensity, with some parts appearing thick and textured, while others seem washed out or faded.


The interplay of the coarse, almost tactile textures with the more smoothly painted areas creates a dynamic contrast within the composition. Overall, the painting exudes a sense of raw, elemental force paired with a serene color palette that invites contemplation.

"MadIsland #5"

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