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"Lupines #1," an original abstract landscape created by the  Madeline Island Painter, Steve McHugh. Measuring at 16" x 12," this stunning piece captures the essence of spring with a vivid portrayal of a patch of lupine flowers and the Islands lagoon off in the distance. The bold colors, including the blue and white trees, and bright celery green foliage, add depth and vibrancy to the scene. The painting is elegantly framed in a natural wood gallery floating frame, making it the perfect addition to any art lover's collection. Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with this captivating and timeless work of art.


This painting is a vibrant, abstract painting depicting a nature scene. The composition includes several tall, slender trees with blue and white trunks. The background is a mix of bright yellow and green, suggesting a lush, sunlit forest floor. In the upper part of the painting, there is a section of sky painted in a gradient from blue to yellow,  sunset and the lagoon. The lower part includes numerous purple flower-like lupine shapes, adding a pop of contrasting color to the scene. The style is loose and impressionistic, using bold brushstrokes and vivid colors to create an emotionally engaging landscape. The overall mood of the painting is bright and cheerful, evoking a sense of the natural beauty of a sun-drenched forest.

"Lupines #1"

SKU: SM24036

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