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Transport yourself to the idyllic days of childhood with "Let's Go Frogging" by Madeline Island painter, Steve McHugh. This charming 14.5" x 10.5" oil and cold wax painting captures the whimsy and nostalgia of days spent pond-side, searching for frogs. The natural wood finished gallery floating frame adds a touch of modern elegance to the piece, making it a perfect addition to any art collection. With its depiction of tall summer grasses and a hidden pond nestled just in front of a line of trees, "Let's Go Frogging" will bring a sense of tranquility and warmth to any space. Add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your home or office with this stunning piece by Steve McHugh.


This painting features a serene natural landscape. It prominently displays tall grasses with hues of green, yellow, and orange in the foreground, suggesting vegetation in the midst of a field or meadow. Towards the middle right of the composition, there is a small pond or water feature painted in shades of blue and turquoise. The background showcases a line of trees rendered in cooler tones of blues and purples, providing a peaceful and tranquil backdrop to the scene. The painting uses a mix of vivid and muted colors to create a harmonious blend, evoking a sense of calm and natural beauty.


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"Let's Go Frogging"

SKU: SM24053

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