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Discover the beauty of "It's a Journey," an original mixed media abstract oil painting by Steven McHugh. Measuring 19.5" x 15.5" and framed in a gallery floater frame of varnish wood, this stunning piece is a unique blend of oil stick, marker, oil, beach sand, graphite, charcoal, and cold wax on a wood panel. The intricate textures and layering in this piece make it a true standout. Signed by the artist, this painting is a must-have for any art collector or enthusiast.


The artwork is an abstract painting featuring a textured composition. The upper portion of the canvas showcases a blend of white with flecks and subtle spots of red, pink, and a multitude of other hues creating a complex, muted mosaic. Below this, a distinct horizon line separates the upper section from the lower. The lower portion exhibits a multitude of greens overlaid with bursts and splotches of orange, yellow, and rusty red, infusing the painting with organic warmth. The textures and colors suggest a natural landscape interpretation with an impression of a grassy field and a sky above, though the abstract nature of the artwork leaves interpretation open to the viewer. The panel  is framed by a simple, thin wood frame that borders the painting.

"It's a Journey"

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