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This stunning original painting titled "Improvisation" by Steven McHugh is a mixed media masterpiece that showcases the artist's unique style. The piece features a combination of oil and cold wax, charcoal, graphite, crayon, and spray paint on a 20" x 16" wood panel. The mark making and color patches are enhanced by a varnished gallery floating frame, making this painting the perfect addition to any art collection. The abstract nature of the piece allows for endless interpretations and makes it a true conversation starter. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind work of art.


The artwork is an abstract painting composed with a vibrant and diverse palette of colors, featuring an energetic mix of textures and shapes. The use of color creates several distinct areas within the composition. The upper left corner has a bold smear of red which transitions into a textured black area that bleeds into splashes of white. A notable element is the swirls and swooping lines that overlay the background.


There is a large turquoise shape with rounded corners towards the right side of the painting, partly overlapping an area of heavy black and white strokes, giving it a sense of depth. Below this shape, a series of yellow dots form a vertical pattern descending toward the bottom of the work, contrasting sharply with the surrounding colors.


The bottom of the artwork features a warm, rich golden-orange rectangle that houses a faint, dark red circular shape, possibly suggesting a sort of focal point. This rectangle seems to support the composition, grounding the more ethereal and chaotic elements above.


Overall, the painting is visually complex, inviting the viewer to explore the interplay between color, form, and the emotive potential of abstract imagery. 


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