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Experience the captivating beauty of "Horizon #2" by Steven McHugh, a mesmerizing abstract landscape that will add a dynamic touch to your art collection. This stunning piece features a vibrant combination of bold yellows and contrasting reds, creating a dramatic portrayal of the horizon. The use of crayon and mixed media on wood panel adds an intriguing texture to the artwork, while the gallery floating frame provides a sleek and modern presentation. Measuring at 20" x 16", this captivating painting is perfect for adding a bold statement to any room in your home or office. "Horizon #2" is a must-have for art enthusiasts looking for a unique and expressive addition to their collection.


This artwork showcases an abstract landscape with vibrant colors. The bottom two-thirds of the piece are dominated by a vivid yellow hue, which is interspersed with vertical streaks of green and hints of blue, suggesting a field of tall grass or vegetation. The upper portion transitions into a rich pink and red gradient sky, adding depth and contrast to the composition. The dynamic brushstrokes and bold use of color create a sense of movement and energy, evoking a lively and dynamic natural scene.

"Horizon #2"

SKU: SM24026

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