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"Horizon" is an original mixed media abstract oil painting by Stevenjohn McHugh that is sure to capture your attention. Measuring 46" x 36" and unframed, this stunning piece features a unique blend of oil stick, marker, oil, graphite, charcoal, and cold wax on a wood panel canvas. Signed on the back, "Horizon" is inspired by natural processes such as weather, time, cause and effect, and celebrates the beauty of a well-worn surface. With its bold colors and striking composition, this painting is a must-have for any collector or lover of abstract art.


This is a vertically oriented abstract painting. The upper third of the canvas is dominated by a soft background with a pastel peach to pale pink color, interspersed with scattered, delicate flecks of orange. It creates a tranquil, ethereal atmosphere. A horizontal demarcation line separates the upper section from the contrasting lower two-thirds of the canvas which is filled with a dense, textured thicket of brushstrokes. This cacophony of colors mainly consists of varied shades of vibrant yellow, green, and touches of blue, suggesting a natural, possibly floral or vegetal complexity. Amidst this dense foliage-like pattern are specks of red and white along with occasional traces of blue, adding depth and further detail to the composition. The overall effect is one of a lush, wild garden or meadow, viewed through an abstract, expressionistic lens. The painting evokes an immersive, natural environment with its rich texture and dynamic interplay of colors.


Available at Fine Line Design Gallery, Sister Bay, WI,  


SKU: 23006

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