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"Heartfelt" an original mixed media oil painting on wood panel that captures the essence of an abstract landscape. This 12.5" x 16.25" piece is a harmonious blend of vivid bold colors and subtle marks that draw the viewer into the captivating world of the artist's imagination. Layers of rich hues are skillfully applied and then selectively reduced, resulting in a captivating composition that is both dynamic and balanced. Bold yellows, blues, and greens are delicately interwoven with touches of red, creating a visually striking and emotionally evocative work of art that is sure to make a heartfelt impression on any art lover.


Original mixed media abstract oil painting by Stevenjohn McHugh titled "Heartfelt". Measures 11.5" x 15.5" x 1.5. Framed size is 12.25 x 16.25" x 2.5". Mixed media with oil stick, marker, oil, graphite, charcoal and cold wax on Arches oil paper glued on wood panel with PH balance glue. Side of wood cradle (solid wood) is varished natural. Signed on front and back. Framed is a vanished gallery frame solid wood.


The artwork is a vibrant, abstract representation of  a natural scene,  forest / a group of trees. The dominant colors include a bright yellow at the top half, suggesting a sky or light source, transitioning into variations of blues, indicating either water and sky. Towards the bottom, green hues mix with the blues,  representing grass and forest floor.


The vertical white and off-white strokes evoke tree trunks, with the presence of other colors, like reds and purples, offering a dynamic and less structured interpretation of foliage, and other natural elements. The overall composition has an energetic quality, with the paint applied in a style that is both gestural and expressive, showing movement and a liberal use of color and form to convey the scene.


The painting is framed, which provides a structured boundary to the otherwise freeform expression within. The energetic brushwork and the vivid contrast of colors contribute to a sense of liveliness and immediacy in the artwork.

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