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Introducing "Fragments," an original mixed media painting on a 16x20 inch wood panel. This one-of-a-kind piece was created using a unique combination of oil and cold wax, oil bars, graphite, and charcoal, resulting in an array of unique marks and color patches. The textured surface of this artwork invites viewers to explore its intricate details, making it a stunning addition to any collection. With its understated yet impactful design, "Fragments" is sure to make a statement in any space. Framed in gallery floating frame with clean varished wood finish.


The artwork is an abstract painting that involves an energetic amalgamation of colors and brushstrokes. Dominant hues of yellow, blue, white, and red intersect and overlay each other creating a visually dynamic composition. Thick layers of blue occupy the central part of the painting, suggesting depth and texture, while yellows range from bold rectangles to more diffused areas.


The white sections add a sense of space and may also reveal the underlying layers of the painting, providing a glimpse into the artist's process. There is a red shape reminiscent of an arch or perhaps a bridge at the bottom, intersected by linear marks that might suggest motion or structure. The painting is encased in a simple wood frame, grounding the vibrant and chaotic nature of the work.


The canvas's surface is marked by the history of the artist’s gestures, with some areas showing heavy impasto work, while other parts seem to be scraped or thinned out, offering variety in texture and form. The overall effect is one of controlled chaos, and the piece exudes a sense of raw, emotive energy.


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