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Original mixed media abstract oil painting by Stevenjohn McHugh titled "For Your Consideration". Measures 48" x 36" x1.5" . Framed size is 49" x 37" x 2.5". Mixed media with oil stick, marker, oil, graphite, charcoal and cold wax on canvas.  Signed on front and back. Framed is a vanished gallery frame solid wood.


"For Your Consideration"  is an abstract painting with a vibrant assembly of colors and forms. The composition is a dynamic blend of textured layers and energetic brush strokes.


On the left side, there is a prominent area with a bold blue color that has a structured pattern reminiscent of a grid or woven fabric. This blue section is juxtaposed against areas of red and orange towards the upper left corner, creating a strong contrast.


Moving towards the right, the painting transitions into a golden yellow section that provides a bright, warm background, across which white and black linear elements lightly cross, suggesting motion or perhaps symbolic inscriptions.


The central and lower areas of the canvas are dominated by sweeping gestures of pink and yellow lines, with the pink taking on a neon hue. These lines swirl and loop with a sense of liveliness and spontaneity.


In the upper right quadrant, there is a small, solid square of deep blue that stands out against the adjacent yellow field. This geometric shape adds a sense of order and balance within the otherwise fluid and organic composition.


Throughout the canvas, there are hints of underlayer colors peeking through, as well as areas that give the impression of having been scraped or distressed, contributing to the painting’s rich texture and depth. The edges of the painting are framed with a variance of color intensities, with the bottom edge seemingly dipped in red.


Overall, the painting exhibits a harmonious chaos, engaging the viewer in a visual exploration of abstract expression, form, and the interplay of color.

Inspired by the works of Cy Twonbly's "drawing" His best-known works are typically large-scale, freely-scribbled, calligraphic and graffiti-like works on solid fields of mostly gray, tan, or off-white colors on canvas as well as painted areas.


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"For your Consideration"

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