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Experience the striking beauty of nature's elements captured in the "Fire Sky" abstract landscape painting by Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh. This original oil and cold wax masterpiece on wood panel brings to life the fiery hues of last summer's forest fires and the vibrant, ever-changing sky over the marsh on the Island. Measuring at 20" x 16", the lower area of the painting features rich, bold yellows and gold, juxtaposed against blue vertical trees. The simple, natural wood gallery floating frame enhances the raw, organic feel of this captivating artwork. Add a touch of nature's magnificence to your space with "Fire Sky".


The artwork is a striking painting showcasing a vibrant and abstract scene. Dominated by tall, slender tree trunks painted in varying shades of blue, the trees rise from a vivid, yellow foreground. The background transitions into a warm gradient of orange and finally a soft pink sky, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The use of bold, contrasting colors and minimalistic forms evokes a sense of surrealism, portraying a forest-like landscape that feels both familiar yet fantastical.


Shipping and sales taxes will be collect after determination of it's destination.

"Fire Sky"

SKU: SM24035

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