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Introducing "Exchange", an original artwork by the talented artist Steven McHugh, now available on our website. This bold and striking piece features an abstract composition with bold colors and a unique combination of oil and cold wax, crayon, and graphite mark making, accented by a bold thick strip of orange. Measuring 16" x 20" on a sturdy wood panel, it comes beautifully framed by a varnished wood gallery floating frame. Don't miss your chance to add this one-of-a-kind piece to your collection today


It features bold, expressive swaths and splatters of color, creating a dynamic and textured visual experience. Dominating the center is a large, textured block of yellow paint, with rough edges and strokes revealing the layering of the material.


To the left, overlapping the yellow area, there is a patch of deep maroon or red, accompanied by loose, curvilinear red lines that create a sense of movement. The background is a mix of darker tones, including black, grays, and browns, punctuated by areas of white and lighter shades that add contrast to the composition.


Additional colors, such as green and orange, are applied in energetic streaks and splashes that weave throughout the piece. The artwork also contains small details like a row of circles toward the top left corner, adding to the layered complexity of the work. The use of various textures, combined with the intensity of colors, gives the painting a tactile and vibrant quality. 


SKU: 23021

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