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"Exchange" is an original painting that embodies the natural processes of weather, time, cause and effect. It celebrates the beauty of imperfection and a well-worn surface, offering a unique aesthetic that is both striking and captivating. The painting is developed as a visceral response to the environment, with ambiguous organic forms emerging from a play on negative and positive space. With "Exchange," you can bring the beauty of nature into your home and add a touch of originality to any space. Framed in a varnished gallery floating frame 20" x 16".


The artwork is an abstract painting with a rich composition of colors, textures, and forms. It features a variety of geometric and irregular shapes intermingled with gestural brushstrokes. The color palette includes blue, red, yellow, orange, and earth tones, interacting dynamically across the canvas.


The painting is divided into segments reminiscent of a collage, where each section contributes a different texture or pattern to the ensemble. Some areas show heavy, impasto-like application of paint, while others are smoother, with subtle variations in color and form. There are also deliberate scrapes and scratches, contributing to the work's tactile quality.


A red scribbled loop draws the eye toward the upper left quadrant of the canvas, while a series of horizontal and vertical lines, as well as drips and splatters of paint, create a sense of movement throughout the piece.


The painting exudes an expressive energy, indicative of a spontaneous and intuitive approach to composition. The use of mixed techniques and the layering of materials result in a work that is textured, vibrant, and visually engaging.


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