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The "Evocative" is a stunning original painting that showcases a beautiful patchwork of color, textures and mark making. Created using a mix of oil and cold wax, granite, oil crayon, paint spray paint, glazes and drawings, this piece is truly unique. Measuring 30" x 22", it is painted on wood panels and comes framed in a gallery floating frame with a clear wood finish. This painting is a true work of art that will add depth and character to any space.


The artwork is a vibrant abstract painting framed with a simple wooden border. It features a dynamic composition with bold textures and a variety of shapes and lines. The color palette includes prominent yellows and whites, accented with blues, reds, and black. There are areas with heavy paint application suggesting physicality and movement, and other sections with gestural marks and scribbles. Patterns, such as the dot grid on the lower left, add complexity to the piece. Overall, the painting exudes an energetic and expressive quality.

Available at Fine Line Design Gallery, Sister Bay, WI,  


SKU: 23024

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