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"Eternal" is a stunning dramatic color field painting that captures the essence of a seascape horizon. Composed of the lower area of calm waters in varying shades of light and dark blues, and a bold upper area of fiery oranges and yellows, this painting evokes a sense of eternal beauty and tranquility. The horizon area is marked by intricate, expressive strokes of crayons, adding depth and texture to the piece. Measuring 30" x 22", this mixed media artwork is the creation of Island painter Steve McHugh and is beautifully framed in a simple, natural color wood gallery floating frame. "Eternal" is a captivating masterpiece that will bring a sense of serenity and timelessness to any art collection.


This artwork is an abstract painting featuring two main color fields. The top section is a vibrant orange hue that transitions into a band of brighter, almost neon orange. Below this, the majority of the canvas is filled with various shades of blue, ranging from light to deep tones. The blue area has a textured quality, with intricate, almost chaotic brush strokes that create a sense of depth and movement. The interplay between the warm, intense colors of the top section and the cool, soothing blues below offers a striking contrast that captures the viewer's attention.


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