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"Discover" the vibrant energy captured in this original painting by Steven McHugh. Bold teal and spring-time lime green colors pop against the 16" x 12" wood panel canvas. Abstract lines and mark making bring a sense of motion and depth to the piece, created using oil and cold wax and oil crayon. The clear varnished gallery floating frame adds a modern touch to this dynamic work of art. Add a splash of color and texture to your space with "Discover".


The artwork is an abstract composition featuring a mix of vibrant colors and textures. The left side of the canvas is dominated by a large blue square juxtaposed against an orange rectangle, creating a strong contrast. Hints of yellow and white accents can be observed, adding layers and depth to these areas. The bottom right section breaks from the rectangular forms with fluid white and black strokes, edged with red lines that bleed into the surrounding space. The backdrop to these shapes is a lush green hue that occupies the lower section and is visible around the edges of the color blocks, helping to frame the composition. A bold, lime green matte borders the painting within its light wood frame, reinforcing the artwork's energetic and dynamic quality.


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