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"Discord" by Steven McHugh - an original abstract painting that captures the beauty of a bold color, mark making and different surfaces. Created with mixed media, including crayon, charcoal, oil, cold wax, and graphite, this stunning piece is sure to elevate any space. Measuring 48" x 60" and 2.5" deep, the canvas is stretched with added canvas burlap and nylon fabrics glued to the canvas. Unframed, allowing you to showcase the intricate details of the painting. Add a touch of warmth and color to your home with "Discord" 


The artwork is an abstract composition with a highly textured surface. It features a dynamic interplay of colors and shapes that come together in a seemingly spontaneous yet balanced arrangement. Bold patches of blue and orange provide focal points across the canvas, contrasting with the predominantly grey and white background that hosts a network of scratches, splatters, and gestural marks.


Intricate details, including delicate lines and softer dabs of pink, yellow, and light blue, invite closer inspection. The organization of the elements suggests an almost collage-like effect, with rectangles of color layered over and beside expressive mark-making. The painting exudes a sense of energy and movement, with a raw aesthetic that seems to capture a moment of creative flux.

Available at Fine Line Design Gallery, Sister Bay, WI,  


SKU: 23007

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