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"Deconstructed #5", is a small original mixed media collage painting by Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh. This unique piece is constructed of layers of canvas, cardboard on wood panel with oil, cold wax, spray paint, graphite, and crayon. Measuring at 8" x 8" and framed in a natural wood finished gallery floating frame, this artwork is a stunning addition to any art collection. The signature red thumbprint in the lower right corner adds a personal touch to this captivating piece. Bring a touch of modern art to your home with "Deconstructed #5".


The artwork is an abstract painting that contains a mix of colors and textures applied on a canvas and enclosed within a wooden frame. The painting features various elements and materials, including multiple splatters of paint, reminiscent of the Jackson Pollock style. 


Prominent colors include yellow, black, grey, and blue, with some red and white highlights. There are splatter effects and brushstrokes creating a sense of movement and randomness. To the left, there are black and white, patterned circular shapes arranged vertically. Below them, there's a section with horizontal black and white stripes. The background seems layered, with off-white, grey, and muted blue tones blending together.


This abstract composition evokes a sense of spontaneity and dynamic energy, with a rich interplay of colors and textures.


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"Deconstructed #5"

SKU: SM24043

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