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Introducing "Deconstructed #3," a one-of-a-kind collage painting by Madeline Island artist, Steve McHugh. This stunning piece features a surface created using a combination of paper, cardboard, and canvas on a wood 8" x 8" panel, and is painted with a mix of oil, cold wax, graphite, and crayon. McHugh's signature touch is evident in the unique way he signs the painting with a red thumbprint, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the piece. With thick paint, paint splatters, and bold mark-making, "Deconstructed #3" exudes a chaotic energy that demands exploration. This is an absolute must-have for any art collector looking to add a truly unique and captivating piece to their collection. Painting is framed in a natural wood gallery floating fame.


This artwork is an abstract painting filled with an array of colors and textures. The canvas displays a chaotic yet harmonious composition, featuring splashes and splatters of black, yellow, red, and blue paint. Steve has employed various techniques to create depth and visual interest, including thick applications of paint and textured surfaces. Some areas are lighter and more delicate, while others are dense with dark, heavy strokes. The piece is framed in a simple wooden frame, which contrasts with the vivid and dynamic nature of the painting.


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"Deconstructed #3"

SKU: SM24041

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