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"Deconstructed #1," an original mixed media collage painting by Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh. This captivating piece features a surface comprised of fabric, cardboard, and raw canvas on a wood panel, adding layers of depth and texture. The 8" x 8" painting incorporates a variety of materials including spray paint, oil and cold wax, crayon, and graphite, resulting in a visually dynamic composition. To complement the artwork, "Deconstructed #1" is framed in a natural wood finished gallery floating frame, making it ready to display in any art collection. Don't miss the opportunity to add this unique and striking piece to your personal or professional space.


This artwork is an abstract painting featuring a diverse array of colors and textures. The composition includes dynamic splashes and drips of paint, predominantly in black, yellow, blue, and red. There are also areas of white and various shades of grey, giving a sense of depth and layers. Black horizontal stripes are present in the bottom left section, adding contrast and structure to the piece. The overall aesthetic of the painting exudes energy and movement, with the vibrant colors and bold black splatters creating a visually stimulating experience.


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"Deconstructed #1"

SKU: SM24039

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