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Introducing "Contrasts #2," a captivating abstract landscape by Madeline Island artist Steve McHugh. This stunning piece features contrasting colors of oranges and yellows, with bold vertical tree shapes in blues, set against a backdrop of a soft, pink sky. Measuring 20" x 16", this oil and cold wax painting on wood panel is expertly framed in a gallery floating frame in natural wood, adding a touch of elegance to the artwork. With its vibrant hues and intriguing composition, "Contrasts #2" is a striking addition to any art collection and is sure to captivate and inspire viewers.


This artwork is a vibrant abstract painting that utilizes a rich palette of warm oranges and yellows, interspersed with striking blue accents. The canvas is filled with vertical and angled strokes, creating a dynamic and energetic composition. The backdrop transitions from a bright pink at the top, blending seamlessly into the orange and yellow hues below, adding depth and contrast. The blue strokes cut through the warm tones, adding a sense of movement and focal points across the canvas. The overall effect is both visually stimulating and harmonious.


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"Contrasts #2

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