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"My work is heavily layered with opaque and transparent painting, textures from different surfaces and using drawing media."


Original mixed media abstract oil painting by Stevenjohn McHugh titled "Commingled" collage. Triptych consists of three panels, total measures 31.5" x 11.75" x 1". Framed size is 32.25 x 12.5" x 2.5". Mixed media with oil stick, marker, oil, graphite, charcoal and cold wax on Arches oil paper glued on wood panel with PH balance glue, cardboard and raw canvas. Side of wood cradle (solid wood) is varished natural. Signed on front and back. Framed is a vanished gallery frame solid wood.


"Commingled"  is a vertically oriented piece with an abstract style, broken into several distinct sections framed within a wooden frame.


Starting from the top, the first section features a combination of yellow and blue brushstrokes over a predominantly creamy white background, forming a striped pattern. Below this, a bright red section with bold yellow markings and drips creates a striking contrast. A greyish area with curved lines and a geometrical shape intersects this section.


Moving further down, the next segment displays a series of horizontal layers with different textures and colors, including blues, whites, and greens, with hints of yellow. A prominent yellow vertical stripe is visible on the right side, contrasting with the other horizontal layers.


The subsequent section presents a collage-like appearance with a muted palette of soft pinks, oranges, greys, and touches of yellow, forming a delicate and diffused surface. It looks almost like aged, plastered wall textures.


Finally, the bottom section of the piece consists of a dense black strip with white vertical lines (cardboard), resembling a pattern that could be likened to piano keys or a barcode. This creates a graphic, high-contrast area at the base of the artwork.


Each portion offers a different visual and textural experience, suggesting a layered composition with a rich sense of depth and diversity. The use of color and line varies dramatically across the piece, contributing to its overall abstract and expressive quality.


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