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"Beauty of Imperfection" is a breathtaking mixed media art piece that will add depth and texture to any space. Measuring 46" x 36", this original painting by Steven McHugh is a masterpiece of markmaking, with a unique blend of paint and cold wax on wood panel. The oil crayon, graphite, sand and charcoal accents add depth and texture to the piece, creating a dynamic composition. The beauty of the imperfections in this piece makes it a truly unique and captivating work of art.


This is an abstract painting featuring a complex overlay of textures, colors, and forms. The composition is divided into several segments, each seemingly independent but contributing to the overall cohesion of the piece.


The color palette is varied, dominated by earthy tones with punches of brighter colors like blue, yellow, and red. These colors are painted in broad blocks, intermingled with more muted whites, grays, and tans that create a sense of depth and wear.


Visually, the painting is rich with scribbles, splotches, and what looks like wear or distress, suggesting an intentional aged or weathered effect. This illusion of aging gives the artwork a sense of history and layered time.


Throughout the canvas, there are geometric shapes, lines, and forms that intersect and interact. For instance, there is a prominent blue X in the center right of the canvas, overlaying a textured yellow field. The painting conveys a raw, expressive energy that is often characteristic of abstract expressionist works. It invites viewers to interpret it according to their own thoughts and feelings

"Beauty of Imperfection"

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