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"Artifact #29" is  a stunning mixed media painting by renowned artist Steve McHugh. Measuring 12" x 9" on a masonite panel, this unique piece is framed on a simple Neilson metal frame, allowing the captivating artwork to take center stage. The artwork itself features a combination of canvas, cardboard, and paper collaged on the panel, with charcoal, graphite, oil, and cold wax used to create a visually stunning display. Soft yellow tones are paired with dominant blacks, grays, and white, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing composition that is sure to captivate any art lover. Don't miss the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind creation.


The artwork is an abstract painting framed in a simple, dark frame. The composition is dominated by a textured layering of white and grey hues with dynamic applications of black and yellow accents that add vibrancy to the piece. The yellow is used sparingly, creating focal points that draw the eye.


There are areas where the paint is applied thickly, creating a sense of depth and relief. The paint strokes vary from broad and sweeping to fine and detailed. Some sections of the artwork present what could be interpreted as linear, grid-like patterns, which contrast with more fluid and organic shapes elsewhere in the piece.


Black lines traverse the painting, some of which intersect, possibly suggesting a sense of fragmentation or connection within the chaos. Splatters and drips of paint are evident, contributing to the overall energy and movement within the artwork. The interplay of color, line, and texture creates a dynamic visual experience that engages the viewer and invites personal interpretation.

"artifact #29"

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