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Discover the stunning and unique "Artifact #27" original painting, a mesmerizing mixed media creation on masonite panel. This one-of-a-kind piece features intricate layers of cardboard, canvas, and collaged paper, adding depth and texture to the artwork. The combination of graphite, charcoal, oil, and cold wax brings a dynamic and captivating element to the painting, creating a truly contemporary and expressive piece of art. Perfect for adding a modern and sophisticated touch to any living or work space, "Artifact #27" is a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Add a touch of originality and creativity to your surroundings with this extraordinary mixed media masterpiece.


"My ARTifact series is inspired by the natural processes of weather, time, cause and effect. Celebrating the beauty of a well-worn surface and an aesthetic of imperfection. My works are developed as a visceral response to my environment, ambiguous organic forms emerge from a play on negative and positive space. Balancing, barely touching yet they create tension between the shapes. The varied material I use are subjected to layering, peeling, scraping, scratching, heat and abrasion, in a similar way in which earth’s surface is exposed to the elements of fire, wind and water. My process is equally accidental and purposeful, intuitive and thoughtful. As paint is applied, then scratched and scraped back, a narrative is generated and a layering of history is revealed. "


Original mixed media collage abstract oil painting by Steve McHugh titled "artifact #26". Measures 12.5" x 9.5" x 1.5. Framed in Neilson metal frame and ready to hang.  Signed on front and back.


The artwork is an abstract painting framed in a simple, dark-edged frame. The composition features a diverse mix of textures and colors that create a layered and fragmented visual effect. Various tones of gray, white, black, and beige dominate the palette, punctuated by elements of bright yellow, red, and blue hues. These vibrant colors add focal points to the otherwise neutral background. 


Several techniques seem to be employed, such as scraping, dabbing, and splattering of paint, emphasizing the movement and dynamism within the piece. The painting includes what could be interpreted as gestural brushstrokes, dripped paint, and layers of color that overlap and intersect, contributing to a sense of depth and texture.


Areas of the canvas exhibit a heavily worked surface, suggesting an intense physical engagement with the medium. Some sections look worn or distressed, potentially alluding to erosion or the passage of time. Also notable are the splashes and droplets of paint scattered throughout, providing an organic and spontaneous feel to the work.


The composition does not readily convey recognizable forms or figures, inviting viewers to explore their interpretations and emotional responses to the interplay of texture, color, and form. Overall, the artwork offers an immersive experience of abstract expression, where the emphasis lies in the materiality of the painting process and the evocation of sensations rather than depictions of the physical world.

"artifact #27"

SKU: SM24015

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