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"ARTifact #14"  is an abstract painting, framed within a simple gallery wooden frame. The composition consists of bold geometric shapes and a variety of textures. On the left, a large semi-circular form in dark hues anchors the piece, with its surface showing an intriguing mix of scratch marks and color degradation, suggesting age or weathering. A bright green triangle intersects this form at the top, introducing a sharp contrast in both color and shape.


The center of the painting is dominated by a jagged triangular shape filled with yellow, overlaying parts of the adjacent forms, adding depth to the composition. This central triangle contains dynamic splashes and drips of paint, possibly applied with a vigorous, expressive motion. To the right, a large blue rectangle occupies a prominent position, its surface adorned with lighter blue strokes and distressed textures, implying a layered application of paint.


Throughout the painting, the interplay of colors and textures creates a vibrant tension, while the heavy use of blues and greens may evoke a sense of calm or reflection. The red strip at the bottom border of the painting injects a final dash of contrasting color, further contributing to the overall energy and balance of the piece.


"My ARTifact series is inspired by the natural processes of weather, time, cause and effect. Celebrating the beauty of a well-worn surface and an aesthetic of imperfection. My works are developed as a visceral response to my environment, ambiguous organic forms emerge from a play on negative and positive space. Balancing, barely touching yet they create tension between the shapes. The varied material I use are subjected to layering, peeling, scraping, scratching, heat and abrasion, in a similar way in which earth’s surface is exposed to the elements of fire, wind and water. My process is equally accidental and purposeful, intuitive and thoughtful. As paint is applied, then scratched and scraped back, a narrative is generated and a layering of history is revealed. " 


Original mixed media abstract oil painting by Stevenjohn McHugh titled "ARTifact #14". Measures 9.75" x 9.75" x 1.5. Framed size is 10.5 x 10.5" x 2.5". Mixed media with oil stick, marker, oil, graphite, charcoal and cold wax on Arches oil paper glued on wood panel with PH balance glue. Side of wood cradle (solid wood) is varished natural. Signed on front and back. Framed is a vanished gallery frame solid wood. Shipping included in the U.S. Shop at #madelineisland #bayfieldwi #apostleislands #wisconsinartist #mixedmedia #modernart #contemporaryart #painting #contemporarypainter #paintstudio #artgallery #fineart #abstractart #artcollector #originalart #contemporaryartwork #studio #artgallery #artcollector #artadvisor #artcurator #abstraction #abstractart #abstractpainting #artcollector #artistoninstagram #stevenjohnmchugh #Aninhinabewakilands #artistinthewoods #lakegitchegumee

"ARTifact #14"

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