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"Ancient Ones" is a stunning representation of the old dead trees along the shoreline at Big Bay Town Parks boardwalk. This captivating piece brings the viewer into a world of contrast, with the lower area painted in rich blues and teal, while the trees themselves come alive in vibrant pink and gold. This oil and cold wax painting, measuring 16" x 20" on wood panel, is a mesmerizing work of art created by the talented Madeline Island painter Steve McHugh. The piece is framed on a natural wood gallery floating frame, adding an element of elegance and sophistication to this beautiful depiction of the "Ancient Ones." Add a touch of natural beauty and captivating artistry to your space with this exceptional piece.


The artwork is a vibrant and abstract painting featuring tall, vertical, tree forms in a variety of warm colors, predominantly shades of orange and pink, with some yellow elements. These vertical elements are set against an impressionistic foreground composed of lush green foliage, creating a dynamic contrast. In the upper part of the painting, there is a serene blue sky, enhancing the sense of depth and tranquility within the composition. The strokes and textures uses a spontaneous technique, lending a sense of movement and energy to the piece. The overall effect is both striking and serene, merging natural elements with an abstract style. 


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"Ancient Ones"

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